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Trusted Healthcare Staffing Partners

Novia Solutions has a team of experienced recruitment experts who will execute an organization’s recruitment efforts on their behalf. Finding an ideal match for an unexpected vacancy is time-sensitive and time-consuming. That’s where we can help.

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Our Mission

We are an executive healthcare placement agency, dedicated to providing healthcare organizations and candidates with unparalleled value by increasing the strength of their leadership teams. Our commitment to excellence in interim and permanent placements sets us apart, ensuring that the unique needs of both clients and candidates are met with precision and care.

Vision: To improve health care by closing the gaps in healthcare leadership with exceptional candidates who excel at meeting the objectives of the organization.

Why Novia Solutions

The Novia Solutions team is committed to providing leaders with flexible placement services that best meet the needs of healthcare organizations. This commitment differentiates us from other interim and permanent healthcare placement firms. We develop deep insight into client goals, objectives, culture and environment with proprietary techniques that are unmatched by competitors. This allows us to create a seamless placement process and ensure leaders are well-positioned to make meaningful impact within organizations from their first day on site.

By choosing Novia Solutions, healthcare organizations and professionals alike can expect a partnership founded on reliability, expertise, and a shared commitment to advancing healthcare excellence.

For Healthcare Organizations

Rapid Access to Top Talent

Novia Solutions understands the costs associated with leadership vacancies. We provide swift access to a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals, minimizing downtime, turnover and the associated costs, while ensuring seamless operations.

Customized Solutions

We recognize that each healthcare facility has distinct requirements. Our tailored staffing solutions align with the specific needs of your organization, whether it’s interim leadership, permanent placements, or specialized roles.

Quality Assurance

Novia Solutions prioritizes the delivery of quality patient care. Our rigorous screening process and industry expertise guarantee that the professionals we place not only meet but exceed the standards set by healthcare organizations.

For Healthcare Candidates

Career Advancement Opportunities

We provide access to a diverse range of opportunities to help facilitate career progression and professional development.

Supportive Placement Process

Our team understands the importance of finding the right fit. We offer personalized guidance throughout the placement process, ensuring that candidates are matched with positions that align with their skills, goals, and values.

Coaching and Advisory Services

We proudly offer advisory services and coaching to all interim leaders throughout the duration of their interim assignment at no cost. Throughout the assignment, a Novia advisor will schedule regular check-ins to ensure that established goals are met and that advisors are available to help troubleshoot and provide leadership support as needed.

Nancy Lakier


Novia Solutions was established in 2004. Nancy Lakier, MBA, RN, a former Chief Nurse Executive Officer in both adult and children’s hospitals, realized that critical gaps in hospital leadership were adversely affecting hospitals’ ability to achieve strategic goals and negatively impacting patient care. By placing precisely matched talent on an interim basis to close key leadership gaps, Novia Solutions could help hospitals deliver quality patient care by becoming well-positioned to support initiatives, succeed in reducing costs and improve performance.

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“Everyone [at Novia] was very professional and knowledgeable which was crucial going into my first interim assignment. I don’t think I would have had the knowledge to navigate taking an interim assignment without working with Novia.”

Interim Advisor for QA and Survey Readiness to permanent Executive Director, Quality Management/ Patient Safety Officer

Types Of Hospitals We Serve

Community Hospitals

Community Hospitals


Not-For-Profit Hospitals


For-Profit Hospitals

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Multi-Facility Healthcare Systems


Teaching Hospitals


Faith-Based Hospitals


Children’s Hospitals

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Academic Medical Centers

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Ambulatory Clinics

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Corporate Healthcare

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