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We’ve created a unique formula for finding top talent to fill immediate vacancies.

Committed to Supporting Healthcare Organizations

From interim leadership to executive search and advisory services, we connect healthcare organizations with talented leaders to deliver on strategic goals.

As a placement agency founded by a nursing executive, we understand the urgency and precision required to increase the bench strength of your leadership team. Whether your healthcare organization is searching for the perfect candidate to stabilize a department, manage change, quality, or cultural improvements, our executive search services are tailored to deliver tangible and measurable results.

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Interim Leadership

Novia Solutions offers interim leadership placement to fill vacancies quickly with seasoned interim leaders who can step in at a moment’s notice to immediately execute a hospital’s strategic priorities.

Our healthcare recruiters work with hospital partners to identify goals and ensure successful placements through a personalized matching process, keeping organizational priorities top of mind. With our tailored approach to recruitment, Novia goes beyond collecting resumes. We uncover top executive talent who align with workplace culture and values to help drive positive change.

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Permanent Placement

Novia Solutions’ direct-hire staffing services leverage our team’s deep understanding of healthcare recruitment to match organizations with passionate, proven healthcare leaders to serve the unique needs of each organization.

Whether a healthcare organization is preparing for change, launching a patient engagement initiative, or looking to solve operational challenges, our network of available leaders are ready to fill critical permanent roles and drive your needs forward.

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Whether the candidate has been identified through the hospital’s recruiting efforts or Novia recruits the candidate, Novia is available to employ the candidate on behalf of the hospital and deploy the candidate to the hospital as a Contract-to-Hire Leader.

The hospital will have the opportunity to work with the leader to provide needed services at the hospital for the designated length of time. Our team will work with the hospital to determine the Contract-to-Hire time period and create clearly defined objectives to be achieved during the contract period.

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Advisory Services

Novia Solutions’ Advisory Services ensure our team acts as advisors to support the interim as they integrate into each hospital’s environment and operations.

Novia advisors partner with hiring managers to focus on achieving desired outcomes and ensuring sustainable success for measurable results. Our offerings include provision of coaching support to new leaders to help them develop their skills. We use similar tools and methodology to coach and mentor existing leaders to achieve higher levels of performance.

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“Working with Novia, the application process was smoother and more straightforward. They were able to navigate some of the bureaucracy issues for me. They also were able to negotiate the rates that I wanted were so important.”

Director of Professional Practice/ Staff Development

Engagement and Onboarding Experience

We provide a seamless onboarding experience spanning all services offered. For every placement, an Onboarding Specialist will work with an organization’s HR team to incorporate any specific health screens or background check elements required to work at the organization. In addition, Novia can provide a full-service approach to Onboarding the selected candidate. Novia will provide:

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Background check
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Drug screen
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Health screens
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HIPAA Training
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Sexual Harassment Training
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Other agreed upon Hospital-specific requirement(s)
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