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Advisory Services

Helping leaders deliver optimal results.

Helping Interim Leaders Succeed

To help partners and candidates achieve optimal results with each engagement, Novia Solutions’ Advisory Services promotes each leader’s success in generating results related to cost reduction, process improvement, quality enhancement, and increased operational efficiencies.

We understand that it takes time for a new leader to become fully immersed in new roles. Novia’s Advisory Services provides additional tools and support as the interim leader integrates into each hospital’s environment and operations.

We partner with hiring managers to achieve desired outcomes and build upon the organization’s culture. This service is a part of our interim services and there is no additional charge for the service other than out-of-pocket expenses.

Coaching Leaders Into Successful Leadership Roles

We utilize our own tools and methodology to coach and mentor existing leaders to achieve high levels of performance. This enables organizations to develop leaders internally and retain talent.

Focused Consulting Services

Novia Solutions matches Interim Leaders with highly skilled consulting experts for focused projects. Areas of focus primarily include Care Management Operations Improvement and Staff Training, Surgical/Perioperative Improvement, Endoscopy, Emergency, Throughput/Patient Flow, Productivity, SPD, HR, Leadership Development, Financial Analytics, etc.

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Interim Chief Nursing Officer

As the Interim Leader settles into their new role, they seek advice to ensure they are navigating internal challenges effectively. This is where Novia Solutions can help guide the Interim Leader.

Coaching and Advisory Services Packages

Each engagement is unique in terms of project scope, milestones, deliverables, and time frame. Novia Solutions will collaborate with your team to craft a pricing package for our Coaching and Advisory Services that fits each budget and overall project specifications.

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