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Contract-to-Hire Services

Novia Solutions works with hospitals to determine Contract-to-Hire trial periods, define evaluation criteria, and help hiring managers make informed decisions.

Value of Contract-to-Hire Services Through Novia Solutions

Novia Solutions partners with healthcare organizations at both the system, hospital, or department level to determine their needs. Our partnership begins with a discovery call where we will connect with hiring managers to do an in-depth intake call to understand what is needed by the department, service line and/or organization.

Whether the candidate is identified through the hospital’s recruiting efforts or Novia’s, the hiring contract can be managed by Novia for shorter-term assignments to ease the burden on the healthcare organization. Novia will hire the candidate on behalf of the hospital and deploy the candidate to the hospital as a Contract-to-Hire placement leader.

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Volume Contract Placements

A hospital or healthcare system may need to fill a certain number of positions within a department should they be installing a new IT system or need a group of analysts for a special project. Another example may be bringing in a few highly expert consultants to help drive change under the direction of your leaders for a short period of time instead of hiring a consulting group. Novia Solutions offers a customized approach to fill these open roles.

Engagement and Onboarding Experience

The candidate can have access to Novia’s standard employment benefits, and the hospital will have peace of mind knowing the placement is employed by Novia.

Novia works with the hospital to determine the Contract-to-Hire trial time period and create clearly defined evaluation criteria to measure success at the conclusion of the Contract-to-Hire trial period so hiring managers make fully informed decisions.

Contract-to-Hire Flexible Pricing

Each Contract-to-Hire engagement is unique with specific goals and objectives. Novia is flexible and able to work with your hospital in designing a pricing package that fits your budget, the Contract-to-Hire trial time period and your hiring needs.

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