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Interim Leadership

With our extensive network of interim healthcare leaders, we fill empty seats quickly with seasoned interim leaders who are uniquely qualified to address the needs of your organization. Working shoulder to-shoulder with healthcare organizations, we connect you with the right person to either help stabilize turmoil, manage change and/or “sit-the-seat” and always produce results.

Interim Leadership Placement Through Novia Solutions

Leadership vacancies are costly. They can halt progress on key initiatives such as the expansion of new or existing services, facility expansions, Magnet journey or Pathway to Excellence® to name a few. We understand the importance of filling leadership vacancies quickly with experienced leaders who can immediately execute your hospital’s strategic priorities. As a nurse-owned interim management firm, Novia Solutions understands this better than anyone else.

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Chief Nursing Officer

An Interim Nurse Leader can be the perfect solution when hospitals and healthcare organizations experience unexpected departures, mergers and changes.

Engagement and Onboarding Experience

Novia Solutions utilizes a unique four-step process that sets our placement services apart from other interim leadership firms and ensures each candidate is thoroughly vetted for their ability to deliver results based on the demands of the role.


The Novia Solutions team partners with hiring managers to understand the underlying demands of every engagement. We tailor each search to focus on identifying candidate pools with the right leadership style and clinical expertise to drive success for your organization.


With your organization’s goals at the heart of our vetting process, the Novia team will qualify candidates for consideration to ensure their leadership style and experience are the right match for your organization. We match leadership teams with the candidates best suited to deliver results.


The Novia Solutions team utilizes a consultative approach to develop an action plan to achieve engagement goals. We continue to monitor progress to maintain alignment and ensure the desired outcomes are met.


The Novia Solutions team will execute onboarding collaboratively and in accordance with each organization’s Human Resource guidelines. We work to ensure a seamless and timely onboarding experience for candidates and hospitals alike.

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Our consultative approach provides a comprehensive solution with unparalleled personalized service. It starts with Novia equipping the Interim Leader with tools and materials to develop a Project Plan to achieve goals and objectives. The Leader will document key project phases such as:



Assessing the current state and identifying observations and key findings



Recommending actions to achieve desired future state which the organization provides to Novia



Creation of a high-level project plan



Estimated timeframe to complete each action item

Throughout the engagement, we utilize regular touchpoints to stay connected with hiring managers and the Interim Leader to ensure alignment between objectives and outcomes. Interim Leaders will track metrics throughout the course of their assignments to deliver a final report at the end of their engagement which is shared with the leadership team.

Novia provides a full-service approach to onboarding candidates once they are hired. As part of our Onboarding service, Novia will provide:

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Background check
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Drug screen
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Health screens
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HIPAA Training
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Sexual Harassment Training
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Any other Hospital-specific requirement(s)

Interim Leadership Pricing

Novia Solutions offers flexible pricing options.

Professional and Separate Expenses Model

  • Billed separately from standard reimbursable expenses
  • Reimbursable expenses are pass-through costs with receipts and include: airfare, long-term housing, transportation
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All-Inclusive Fee Model

  • One fee that combines professional fees for the Interim Leader’s services including the reimbursable expenses for airfare, housing and transportation, etc.
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